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Australian Essays stays true to its mission: to aid students in achieving their academic goals. We help you complete all papers required in universities from Australia: essay, case study, and anything else. Our list of services covers the needs of any student seeking essay writing help. We cover several categories of writing:

Academic Writing

We hire writers who already have experience writing different types of essays. Feel free to order an essay, book report, movie review, case study, research project, or anything else your professor demands.

Assignment Writing

You can get help with homework for physics, math, statistics, economics, chemistry, and all other subject areas. Our writers also help with multiple choice questions, PowerPoint presentations, SWOT analysis, financial reports, marketing plans, and more.

Editing and Proofreading

There are great editors in the team of our essay writing service. This is the best thing about our professional writing service: you work with experts with big discounts.

Dissertation and Thesis writing

This is a category for MA and PhD students at Aussie universities. Our writers will write content that meets the highest academic writing standards of Australian universities.

Meet the Best Writers from Our Team

We have a few main requirements for writers who want to join our team. First of all, we only hire Aussie essay writers. They must hold a degree from a university in this country. We’re not talking about any kind of degree; we only accept MA or Ph.D. professional essay writers from Australia. We’re still able to offer writing help to international customers, but AustralianEssays.org mostly focuses on students from this country.

Is a postgraduate degree enough for someone to enter our team as an author? Of course not. Having a degree doesn’t mean you can write. We also put the candidates through some testing, so we can see how capable they are to write high-quality content under precise instructions. Once accepted in our team of Australian assignment writers, they attend regular training sessions that make them better.

We have the most talented, educated, and committed Australian essay writers in our team!

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Dawson Daniels is one of our best writers for social sciences topics. He obtained a PhD degree in sociology and anthropology in 2008. Since then, he has been volunteering for several Australian non-governmental organizations. Also, Daniel is working on advanced academic writing projects.

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Corinne gained her MA degree in English literature and classics in 2004. As soon as she gained her postgraduate degree, she applied for a job in our service. Corinne completes book reviews, book reports, movie reviews, research papers, and all other projects from the area of literature.

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Richard always knew he wanted to be a writer. He ended up studying his second passion – programming. He was working as a freelance writer throughout his studies. As soon as he earned his degree, he found a way to combine those two passions in one: he started working for us.

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Marketing case studies are Michelle’s specialty. She also completes research papers, essays, and all other kinds of projects from the subject area of marketing. She holds a PhD degree, so we usually assign her to the most advanced orders from this niche.

Professional Essay Writing Service – Best Australian Essays

Why do students need the best essay writing service in Australia, anyway? What motivates them to search for an agency that completes content under their instructions? It’s a multi-layered question.

Best Australian Essays is here to serve students of all levels. We solve their problems with academic writing.

10 Reasons: Why Should You Choose Australian Essays as Your Writing Service?

When looking for an essay writing service, Australia has many companies to offer. It’s important to make the right choice. Only then you can be sure you’ve invested your money in a high-quality paper.

The work at Australian Essays is based on guarantees. We have specific policies that ensure the best results for each student who gets essay writing help.

1. Over 5 Years of Writing Experience

Since we founded Australian Essays, our entire team gained great experience. We interview and survey students, so we can know what they need when they hire an Aussie essay agency. Each writer in our team is experienced, too. They know how to complete the projects they are assigned to. It’s not their first time dealing with the type of content you need.

2. Confidentiality

In terms of hiring an essay writer, Australia doesn’t have laws against it. This is an entirely legal service. But we also protect your privacy with strong standards. No one will know you hired a writer.

3. 24/7 Support

You want to contact us? Do it any time! We offer various contact options: live chat, phone, and email.

4. Native English Writers

Grammar and syntax is important. Native English writers have an intuitive understanding of the nature of the English language. Needless to say, an Australia essay will be different from a U.S. essay. Our native Aussie writers convey the right style and vibe through their content.

5. Strict Instruction Following

You will give us clear instructions when completing the order form. We guarantee to comply with them!

6. Anti-Plagiarism Policy

The last thing you want is a paper that would get you in trouble. That’s why we guarantee to deliver the best Australian essays that’s 100% free of plagiarism.

7. Prices and Discount Policy

The quotes per page are very clear. They are affordable, too! Each student gets to use a discount. Check our discount policy page to find out more.

8. High Quality

We know what you expect when ordering papers online. You want the best quality money could buy. We have a quality guarantee, too!

9. Delivery on Time

What good would an essay be if you didn’t get it on time? Delays don’t happen when you hire us. We guarantee to deliver all the essays on time.

10. Free Revisions

You have a right to ask for free amendments if you’re not 100% happy with the content we deliver. We have an obligation to comply with that request.

Students Can Rely on Us

Australian Essays is a fully confidential, legitimate service. Our guarantees give you a sense of security. Not only because we promise to comply with them, but because we have a tracked record of doing so. Thousands of Aussie students already used our paper writing service. Most of them returned as our loyal customers.

We are here to offer essay help to any student who needs it. Whether you’re a foreign or native student at a university in this country, you deserve some assistance with academic writing. If you want to hire an essay writer, Australia doesn’t forbid such actions by law. You’re free to get assistance. But you still want to keep things private because you don’t want your teachers to find out, right? We hear you!

Before we started this Australian writing agency, we scanned the market to understand why students struggled with writing in the first place. We understood their needs and we found a way to fully meet them. As a student, you’re not just after a quick solution. You want a service you can go back to. You need an experience that helps you become a better writer. Our essay writing service gives you the best Australian essays and much more!