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How to Write a Perfect Persuasive Essay

Persuasive Essay Writing

Writing a persuasive essay is simpler than it actually looks like. You tend to convince people of things every day in spoken language, so why would it be so difficult to do it through an essay?
Most students would argue that the persuasive essay structure and the persuasive essay outline are difficult. That’s far from the truth. You have to learn the structure, write a few essays, and then use your imagination to add creative twists and powerful persuasive concepts.

What is included in a persuasive essay?

Just like any type of essay, the structure is made of three parts:

  • Introduction
  • Body (three or more)
  • Conclusion

Call it template, format, or layout – just stick to it. The content within the structure can be creative, though the structure itself should remain the same.
Write a catchy introduction and introduce the main topics of the essay, bring good arguments for your statements, and finish with a strong conclusion that revises the main points.

Persuasive Essay vs Argumentative Essay

Many students tend to confuse the persuasive essay with the argumentative essay. There are indeed some strong similarities between the two, though there are also remarkable differences.
When you write an argumentative essay, you need to bring cold hard facts, which is pure evidence of your statements. This type of essay doesn’t aim to persuade, but rather to prove something and make it very clear to the reader.
When you write a persuasive essay, you can play with a number of tools, as you have more resources available. The goal of a persuasive essay is to convince the reader of your thesis by bringing in logical concepts and by showing various patterns or examples.
While writing a persuasive essay, you can appeal to people’s emotions, status, social validation, and mindset. You can use anecdotes and stories to help the reader imagine, hear, or feel the truth that you’re proposing.
As a metaphor, in order to win your trust, scientists are proving their statements with cold facts (argumentative) while politicians are constantly using different techniques to help you believe their promises (persuasive).

Persuasive Essay Introduction

The best way to start any type of essay? Start with a hook. You can use a question, a quote, a controversial statement, an emotional trigger -whatever you think that will have an impact on your reader’s attention.
Of course, you have to understand your reader before writing the essay introduction or the essay itself, so do your homework first.
End the introduction by presenting your persuasive essay’s thesis, which should be short, simple, and clear. It must also be strong and focused so that the reader knows what to expect. If you run out of inspiration, you can check successful product pages, news, and other persuasive essays from both your school and outside of your school.
Once you’re done with the introduction, move to the body part of your essay.

Persuasive Essay Body Paragraphs

The body is the bread and butter of your essay. It is the essence of your creation, so you’ll need to structure and write it very carefully.
You should write three or more paragraphs, each filled with proof, logical assumptions, and other persuasive techniques that will help you convince the reader. Keep all the information about each point you want to make in the same paragraph, including the examples or references.
Another good advice on how to start persuasive essay is to predict the possible counterarguments that your readers might bring, and make sure that they don’t get the chance to ask them by providing all the details. For that reason, debating various topics with people who hold different beliefs will help you strengthen the effect of your persuasive essay.

Persuasive Essay Conclusion

By the time your readers reach the conclusion, they should already be on the same page as you. The conclusion cannot do what the body couldn’t.
The purpose of your conclusion is to revise and reinforce your thesis, and then each of your main points.
Lastly but not always necessary, a good conclusion will contain a call-to-action that’ll advise and encourage the reader to take an action. Or, you can encourage the reader to ask himself a new question and reflect on it. This is you telling the reader what the next step is, depending on your essay’s purpose.

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