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1 Vocabulary

1.1 “Agreement” refers to the Terms and Conditions outlined here.
1.2 “Entity” means the company that offers research and writing services to Customers based on the terms in this Agreement.
1.3 “Writer” is the individual who has an agreement to work with the Entity in a freelance capacity to provide writing and research services as laid out in the Entity’s terms.
1.4 “Customer” is who makes an Order with the Entity to get a Product that meets his or her guidelines and that meets all the terms and conditions in this Agreement.
1.5 “Order” refers to the request of a paid service from the Customer for a specified service or Product.
1.6 “Order Status” means where the Order is in progression from start to finish.
1.7 “Product” refers to an electronic document that is the final product of an Order made by the Customer.
1.8 “Product Revision” refers to a revised Product asked for by the Customer
1.9 “Support” or “Support Team” is the part of the Entity that assists and coordinates the entire process of making an Order.
1.10 “Quality Assurance Department” refers to the part of the Entity that performs quality control of all the services and Products offered.
1.11 “Messaging System” is an interactive way for Customers and Writers or Support to converse with one another.
1.12 “Verification Process” refers to the requirement of the Customer to provide the information needed to bill the Customer and prevent fraud.
1.13 “Store Credit” is monies that the Customer has in his or her account with the Entity.

2. Privacy Policy

2.1 The Entity has a commitment to protect the Customer’s identity and privacy and will not share or sell the Customer’s personal data, including credit card information, with any third party. Online sales are processed through a reliable and safe online system provided by Authorize.net. This ensures that a Customer’s credit card data is not shared. The Entity cannot guarantee that credit card data breaches won’t occur beyond its control.
2.2 On the Entity’s website, certain pages ask a Customer to input name, email address, home address and phone number. The Entity does not use this information for any purpose except to verify the Order or to contact the Customer in terms of the Order. Any file asked for from the Customer to verify an Order are deleted from the Entity’s system once verification has been made.
2.3 The Customer and Writer are prohibited from direct contact to ensure that the Customer’s personal information remains safe and secure. The Customer can use the Entity’s interactive tools to speak with a member of Customer Support, 24/7.
2.4 Any information shared by the Customer in the Order or any other files associated with the Order is only visible to the Writer once payment has been received. The Entity refuses responsibility for any personal information voluntarily shared with the Writer by the Customer. The Entity recommends not sharing any billing or personal information when speaking with the Writer through the Messaging System.

3. Nature of Product and Terms of Use

3.1 The Entity offers a service that finds qualified experts who carry out individual research and who perform writing services given to the Customer and that is designed to help the Customer in completing coursework or writing assignments. The Entity does not guarantee good grades upon submission of the product to an academic institution. The purpose of this Agreement is only to provide the Customer with an original piece of writing or research service as outlined in the Customer’s directions. Anything shared by the Entity is intended for reference and research purposes only. The Entity does not take responsibility for any failure to learn the material on the part of the Customer or for improper use of the research given.
3.2 The Customer is required to check his or her university guidelines regarding using research and writing services to be sure they are not prohibited by law in the state or country in which they reside. The Customer must do so before making an Order and must be fully versed on the rules and regulations of both the university and the city and state in which the university is located.
3.3 The Customer must acknowledge that that his or her choice to use research and writing services is made on their own and agrees that the Entity, its writers and employees are not liable for the decision to use any services that violate the rules or regulations set forth by the university, state or city in which the Customer resides. The Entity is not responsible if the Customer:

  • Recorded the wrong city or state
  • Intentionally provided incorrect information

4. Order Process

4.1 Placing an Order. When filling in an Order form, the Customer is solely responsible for offering a correct email address and phone number where the Customer can be reached. There may times while an Order is being completed when contact with the Customer is necessary. Failing to provide a valid phone number or email address can hinder completion of the Order and will result in a termination of the terms and conditions in this Agreement. It could also result in the forfeit of a claim on the intended warranty of the Product.
4.2 Payment. The Entity will not start working on a Customer’s Order until the Customer has paid in full for the Product(s) or service(s). The Entity does not claim responsibility when a Customer does not pay on time.
4.3 Discounts. The Client must pay attention to detail when filling in the Order form. Once the order has been paid, no discount will be applied. The Company is not required to offer compensation or replacement for the Client’s failure to use the code at the time of payment. Any special discount offered by the Company cannot be combined with any other discount and cannot be combined with other services.
4.4 Instructions. The Entity operates in response to the Customer’s directions so they must be precise. If instructions are not clear and additional guidelines are needed to complete an Order, but are not given in the required period of time, the Entity can be held responsible and will not guarantee the implied warranty. When an Order is finished, revision requests can only be made based on the original instructions. Any other changes will be considered “editing” and is an additional service offered by the Entity. No free revisions will be done if instructions deviate from the original Order. Additional requests must be sent before the Order is assigned to a Writer. Failure to do so violates the Agreement and results in a forfeit of the implied warranty.
4.5 Sources. The Writer can use relevant sources to complete an assignment. That includes, but is not limited to, journals, interviews, books, newspapers and online publications, unless the Customer asks that certain sources be used or avoided. If the Customer wants specific sources used, they must be provided using the time schedule below:

  • 48 hours to 10 days: all instructions must be supplied within the first 8 hours.
  • 12 hours to 24 hours: all instructions must be supplied in the first hour.
  • 12 hours or less: all instructions must be supplied in the first 20 minutes.

Failure to comply with these guidelines results in a violation of the Agreement and could result in a forfeiture of the implied warranty.
4.6 Matching the Academic Level. If the Customer chooses the incorrect academic level in the Order, the Customer is liable for the mistake. It is the Customer’s responsibility to choose the appropriate academic level that fits the assignment when completing the Order. If the Customer makes an error, it is his or her responsibility to contact Customer Support for help.
4.7 Checking the Messaging System. The Messaging System is designed to be a helpful way to communicate. The Customer is responsible for checking the system for messages from either the Writer or the Support Team. The Customer should respond to questions, concerns or a request for additional information in a timely manner. Failing to check the Messaging System on a regular basis is not a basis for a refund on services. Customers who do not understand how to use the system should contact Customer Support for help.
4.8 Incorrect Order Placement. The Entity has the right to refuse to submit an Order when the instructions are not consistent or that deviate from the original Order. Failing to provide the right description, choosing the wrong Product, requesting a deadline extension, and asking for a Writer upgrade could result in additional fees. The Entity does this to ensure that each Customer’s Order is properly processed and that the correct Writer can be assigned to the Order. A Customer will always be asked to approve any additional charges before they are applied.
4.9 Tracking Order Progress. The Customer should stay in contact with the Support Team and Writer and to pay attention to the Order progress through the personal account of said Customer. Possible status updates include the following:

  • Awaiting payment – this means payment must be made before the Order can be started.
  • Research has started – the Order is paid and the researchers are gathering information for the Writer
  • Work in progress – the Writer is working on the assignment.
  • Completed – The Product is uploaded and the Customer can view it. It can be downloaded from the Customer’s personal account.
  • Returned for revision – the Order is being revised according to the Customer’s directions.
  • Hold – the Support Team has put a hold on the Order or the Writer is not working on it temporarily. The Customer can go to the Messaging System or contact the Support Team for information.
  • Canceled – the Order has been canceled.

4.10 The Customer is able to request a draft from the Writer, but the Entity cannot guarantee a draft if the urgency is placed at 3 to 48 hours.
4.11 Preferred Writer. The Customer can ask for a certain Writer when making an Order. The Entity has the right to deny this request based on the Writer’s quality, speed, history, or anything else that could hinder completion of the Order. The Entity will notify the Customer with supporting materials. If the Customer still wants to use the Writer, the Entity will not guarantee the product and no refund will be offered.

5. Delivery and Downloading Policy

5.1 The Entity works to achieve the highest satisfaction level possible. The Entity cannot be responsible for any issues with downloading, spam filters, incorrect email, lack of an internet connection or negligence on the part of the Customer, or anything else beyond its control. The Support Team is available 24/7 and to assist with problems with delivery. The Entity promises to do its best to meet the Customer’s needs by keeping its software up to date. However, it is the Customer’s responsibility to provide the correct contact information to the Entity.
5.2 When the Product is delivered in a timely manner, the Entity is not liable for a Customer who fails to download the Product. The Customer will still be billed for the Product and no refund will be available because the Writer is still entitled to a paycheck.

6. Verification Process

6.1 Eliminating fraud and protecting the Customer’s billing information is a top priority for the Entity. The Entity, along with banks, merchants and other authorities, is obliged to protect a Customer’s credit card information. Because the business of the Entity is does online and electronically, no handwritten signature will be required.
6.2 The Company has the right to ask the Client to provide:

  • a billing statement (including a screenshot of our charge – you can hide other charges);
  • a copy of your credit card (cover all but the last 4 of the numbers)
  • a copy of your passport (or copy of your visa if you’re an international student)
  • a copy of your ID (driver’s license or other official ID).

This information is used for verification purposes and is never shared with third parties. All copies are solely used to verify a Client’s identity. The Company does not store these copies for the Client’s security. Once Verification is complete, the copies are destroyed.
6.3 It is the Customer’s duty to provide the correct billing information for verification immediately to be sure they check out with the Entity’s anti-fraud policies and guidelines. Verification requests must be made in the following time frame:

  • 48 hours to 10 days: all billing information needs to be verified within 8 hours
  • 12 to 24 hours: all billing information needs to be verified within 1 hour.
  • 12 hours or less: all billing information needs to be verified within 20 minutes.

Failing to comply with these guidelines violates the terms of the Agreement and forfeits any warranty or guarantee.
6.4 Unauthorized use of a stolen credit card is against the law and will always report such activity to the appropriate authorities. The Entity always works with authorities to eliminate fraudulent Orders and cyber crime.

7. Termination

7.1 The Entity has the right to cancel any Order at its own discretion when there is a lack of communication or cooperation on the part of the Customer that hinders the completion of the Order or when there is suspicion of fraudulent activity. In such cases, the Entity does not guarantee reimbursement. Each instance is investigated separately and the final decision is made by the Entity based on the circumstances of each individual case.

8. Revision Policy

8.1 Free revisions are a courtesy provided by the Entity to ensure satisfaction on the part of the Customer when the Order is complete. To take advantage of the free revision service, a Customer must provide a request within 14 days from the initial completion of the Order and within 30 days for a thesis, thesis proposal, dissertation, dissertation chapter or research proposal. If the policy deadline is missed, the Customer can still request revisions or ask for edits, both at an additional charge.
8.2 The Quality Assurance Department within the Entity has the right to limit revisions or decline revision requests when they don’t align with the original Order details, an unreasonable return of the Order, when the Writer is being taken advantage of or in cases of abuse of the revision policy.
8.3 When the revision requests don’t match the original Order directions, the Quality Assurance Department can deny the request. If the request falls within the guidelines the Entity will revise the Order to meet the original directions, at no charge.

9. Originality guarantee.

9.1. Every Product is guaranteed to be 100% original. To ensure this, each Product is checked using a high-quality plagiarism program. The Company upholds a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to plagiarism.
9.2. The Client is able to add the plagiarism checker feature to any order for an extra charge. If ordered, the Company will provide a plagiarism report when the Product is downloaded. The Company is not obligated to offer a plagiarism report with Product revisions.

10. Satisfaction Guarantee

10.1. Every Product is guaranteed to be delivered following the precise guidelines of the Client and will be delivered in a timely manner.
10.2 The Entity can’t, and doesn’t, guarantee that proofreading, editing or formatting will be plagiarism free. Any paper that is not written by the Entity will not be checked for plagiarism. The Entity will not offer a refund in cases when the formatting or editing is found to be plagiarized.
10.3 When the Customer needs to cancel an Order, the cancellation must be made any time before the Order is finished.
10.4 All requests for a refund and all cancellations must be made in writing. This can be done by emailing the Support Team or sending a note to the Messaging Service. In a case when the Customer is not satisfied with the Product or the Product is not delivered in the specified time frame, the Customer is entitled to a partial or full refund. The Entity will approve or deny such requests at its own discretion based on each case individually.
10.5 When a refund request is made due to poor Product quality, the Customer must offer solid reasons and examples before a refund will be given. When a list of violations is provided, the refund request will be given to the Quality Assurance Department for review, denial or approval. The Entity has the right to request additional materials or evidence, as needed. The Quality Assurance Department can deny a request if such materials and documents are not provided at the time of the request.
10.6 The refund request must be received within 72 hours of Order completion or the Entity will assume the Customer is satisfied with the final Product. After 72 hours, a refund will not be given.
10.7 In cases when a full refund is offered or the Order is unpaid and services have already been delivered, the Entity retains authorship of the Product and any rights to use, resell or distribute the Product remain with the Entity. The Customer cannot use the Product for any purpose.
10.8 The Entity is not liable for the failure of the Customer to learn the information in the Product or for the improper use of the research provided. No refund will be made for a Customer’s failing grade. See section 2.1 for additional details.
10.9 When Store Credits are accepted by the Customer in exchange for inconveniences, the Customer understands that they are non-refundable. If the Store Credits are not used within 1 calendar year (365 days) from the day they are issued, the credits will no longer be available for use.
10.10 Short Message Service (SMS) alerts allow the Customer to get text messages on a cell phone. The Customer agrees to receive these texts and Entity updates when placing an Order. The Entity has the right to change or modify any SMS alert without telling the Customer. This could include discounts and special rates. The Entity is not liable for any charges accrued and the Customer is solely responsible for them.

11. Promotional Materials

11.1 The Entity has the right to contact a Customer via email with information on special offers, new services, discounts or any other material the Entity deems useful to the Customer.
11.2 The Customer agrees to get emails and other electronic communication from the Entity that includes, but is not limited to, SMS messages, push notifications or any information from third parties that the Entity allows.
11.3 The Customers waives the right to take action against the Entity for getting emails or other electronic communications from the Entity for promotional or information reasons.

12. Waiver of Breach

12.1 No Entity waiver or breach of this Agreement by the Customer can be used as a waiver on any other breach. All solutions outlined in the Agreement are cumulative with other solutions offered by law or herein.
12.2 If the Entity fails to uphold the guidelines of the Agreement, that acts as a waiver of the Entity’s rights in that case only. It does not deem a waiver on any other breach or default of the terms and conditions.

13. Amendments

13.1 The Entity has the right to change, modify, revise or otherwise amend the provisions in this Agreement. The Customer agrees to be bound by any modifications, changes, revisions or amendments herein, by continuing to use the services of the Entity. It is the Customer’s duty to review the Agreement for changes on a regular basis and to check for changes on the Entity’s website.

14. Entire Agreement

14.1 This Agreement outlines all of the stipulations between the Entity and the Customer and no entitlements, statements, inducements or promises made by either the Entity or the Customer will be considered valid or binding unless authorized in this Agreement. The Agreement cannot be changed, modified, altered or enlarged unless permission is granted in writing from the Entity and signed by all parties involved. This Agreement supersedes any other communications, agreements, both written and verbal, that exist between the Entity and the Customer.

15. Severability

15.1 The Customer understands that if any part of this Agreement or its terms is found to be illegal in the state it’s made, the validity of any remaining part of the Agreement will be affected. All rights and obligations of the Customer will be upheld as if the illegal portion of the Agreement did not contain the invalid term or provision.

16. Law Governing

16.1 It is understood that this Agreement is governed by the laws of the city and state where the Entity has its main branch or any other place determined by the Entity.

17. Place of Suit

17.1 Any action taken for the enforcement of the Agreement or its terms shall be upheld in the courts of jurisdiction in the city or state where the main branch of the Entity is located or any other place the Entity determines.